Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Four Days Running

Sorry, FIRST. I know I'm only supposed to do three runs a week, but as I explained yesterday, I'm hungry to run more frequently and my body is feeling good, so why not? Today: 15.01 in 1:54:55.

With the temperature headed well above 90F today in Portland, I was out the door around 8 a.m., when it was still < 70. Even at that I wanted to avoid the sun, so jogged 1.5 miles over to Laurelhurst Park. At .83 miles, the loop there is a little repetitive for longer runs, but in the morning the big-tree canopy allows for an almost completely shaded run. That's what I wanted. I clicked off lap after lap in 6:21 (7:50/mile) until I got to 13 miles. Then I cranked up the effort, covering the final two miles of the run in 13:30. That's a Pfitzinger thing, working toward (or, in my case, getting under) marathon pace for the last few miles of your long run. I felt strong, though of course there was some hurt involved, especially since I'd drunk and eaten nothing for the entire run. Two hours is about as long as I can go without replacing some of the lost fluid and energy.

Pre-run weight: 169 lbs.
Post-run weight: 162.4 lbs.

I ate and drank a lot immediately after getting home and felt well-recovered within 90 minutes.

The really good news? Very little calf trouble on this run. The extensive massage and stretching I'm doing is proving to be very beneficial. Woo-hoo!

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