Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Harrowing Descent into Slackerdom

No post yesterday (and no run). No run today, making it two days in a row. A harrowing descent into slackerdom! This is not how the Eugene plan is supposed to go!

So what’s going on? Yesterday was a planned day off after going hard at the Cascade Half. No problem there. Today there’s no good explanation. Plenty of reasons, however. I had a hell of a time falling asleep last night and felt all out of sorts this morning. Then I was scurrying around madly to get breakfast for the Lad, and his lunch bagged up, and him to school, and then immediately on up to the Clark County courthouse for my first newspaper reporting gig since before the World Wide Web even existed. Then I rushed home to write up the story. By then I had completely given up on the possibility of running today. I wrote the story and sent it to my editor and was surprised to find that I actually did have a chance to run—a sliver of time before I'd have to go pick up aforementioned Lad from school. But I was hungry and cold and just wanted to have a light lunch, put on a sweater and relax. So I did just that.

I'm not worried. In fact, I think this gift day off was precisely the right thing to do. Remember: The first thing you need to do in your training is survive it.

I'll run 15 slow-to-moderate tomorrow, do my track workout on Friday, spin on the trainer on Saturday, then go hard at the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon on Sunday. In the 15th-to-last week before Eugene, it'll be just fine.

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